Janet Jackson: What we know about her marriage

Janet Jackson's romantic relationships have always been shrouded in mystery.

She kept her marriage to second husband Rene Elizondo Jr. practically a secret. Afterall, the public first learned the couple had been married for nearly eight years when Elizondo filed for divorce in 2000.

Jackson also kept it quiet when she eloped with first husband James DeBarge in 1984. The couple annulled their union the following year.

Now there are reports the superstar singer has split from her husband of five years, businessman Wissam Al Mana, shortly after giving birth to their son.

Reps for Jackson have not commented on the current state of her union to Al Mana, but here's what we do know about their marriage:

She was his "dream woman"

The pair met in 2010 at a hotel opening in Dubai and began dating a few months later.

In 2011, the Qatari tycoon told Harper's Bazaar Arabia "I'm fortunate enough to be dating my dream woman."

He also told VMAN magazine "She is a very special and talented woman who never ceases to amaze me.

He helped heal her heart after losing Michael

Jackson has said she struggled after the death of her beloved brother Michael in 2009.

"It was very difficult for me at the beginning," she said in 2011. "It was so raw. But now, I'm able to listen to Michael's music and watch his videos."

Jackson's worldwide courtship with Al Mana kept the paparazzi intrigued.

Their secret wedding

The couple was low key when their engagement became public knowledge in 2012.

Despite chatter of a big wedding in the works, Jackson managed to pull off her third private marriage ceremony.

"The rumours regarding an extravagant wedding are simply not true. Last year we were married in a quiet, private, and beautiful ceremony," the couple said in a 2013 joint statement.

Al Mana was her muse

Jackson thrilled fans when she released her new album, "Unbreakable," in 2015.

She dedicated the sexy single "No Sleep" to her husband.

The lyrics to the song include "You're missing me, I'm missing you/Whenever we meet, we ain't gonna get no sleep/When I get to be together with you/It's fait accompli, we ain't gonna get no sleep."

Her look changed

Jackson became more conservative in her dress, opting to cover up more after her marriage.

The new look for the woman who formerly had been photographed in scantier garments, led some to wonder if she had converted to Al Mana's religion of Islam.

The star has not addressed that speculation.

Their blessed event

The singer had been outspoken about her desire to have children.

In 2009, she told Harper's Bazaar that she would consider adoption.

"I think that if I'm really supposed to have kids, it will happen, if that's God's plan for me," she said.

Jackson announced in 2016 she was postponing her "Unbreakable" tour to plan her family.

Months later, she surprised fans when she announced she would become a first-time mother at the age of 50.

Their son Eissa was born in January.