Nicki Minaj's LA mansion's burgled with £140,000 of jewellery and property taken

Police in LA are investigating a burglary at Nicki Minaj's home after £140,000 worth of her belongings were stolen.

It happened at her luxury mansion in Beverly Hills but the rapper wasn't there at the time.

Its reported the home was vandalised during the raid, with some of Nicki Minaj's clothing cut up.

Furniture was destroyed with picture frames and perfume bottles damaged too.

"It is still undetermined how burglars got inside the home," said an LAPD spokesman.

"They took jewellery and other property totalling approximately $175,000."

It's understood police are looking for CCTV but no suspects have been identified yet.

Officers say it happened between 24 November and 24 January.

There's been no word from Nicki about it.

On Thursday she posted a pictures of a "secret shoot" on Instagram.