The White House just released Melania Trump's first official portrait

It's G-L-A-M-O-R-OUS, as Fergie would say.

On Monday, the White House released Melania Trump's first official portrait as first lady of the United States — and Trump's already made it her new Twitter profile pic.

The photo, which was taken at "in her new residence" at the White House, features Trump wearing a black blazer and what looks like it could maybe, just maybe be a sequin-embellished pussy-bow blouse. (Or at least a lil neckerchief.)

Melania Trump is also wearing, and modeling like it's a shot straight out of a Kays catalog ad, the 13-carat emerald-cut diamond with which Donald Trump proposed to her in 2004. The prominence of the ring elicited some Twitter criticism, since it reportedly cost $1.5 million — although Donald Trump reportedly got it half off in exchange for product placement on The Apprentice.

However, most of the commentary on social media so far focuses on her face, rather than her bling, which appeared to have been heavily airbrushed. This is soft lighting like only the classiest '90s mall glamour shot photo studio could offer!