Samoan baby abandoned in Auckland to be buried Saturday

A Samoan baby found abandoned last year in a south Auckland reserve is being given a proper burial by members of the community.

The baby, found in Mangere, died last year on November 24, wrapped in a t-shirt with the words "Samoan Culture our pride and joy."

Police and coroner efforts to locate the baby's parents have been unsuccessful.

The local MP for Mangere, Aupito William Sio, said that the baby was given the name Mona and she would be given a proper burial this weekend.

"Everything has been donated by people who want to show their love for this baby from the plot to the casket to the headstone the flowers, and everything. I really appreciate the love and support the community have contributed."

Baby Mona's gravesite funeral service will be held today at 12.30pm at the Mangere Lawn Cemetery.


Photo file: Caption: Mangere, South Auckland. New Zealand 


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