Two new cases of coronavirus confirmed in NSW, including first traveller from Singapore

There have been two new confirmed cases of coronavirus in New South Wales.

A 53-year-old man who recently travelled to Singapore has tested positive, as well has a 39-year-old man who travelled from Iran.

This is the first case in NSW that appears to have come from Singapore.

There have been 11 cases in NSW to date. 

It follows two new cases yesterday of person-to-person transmission of coronavirus.

A 53-year-old health worker in western Sydney and a 41-year-old woman in Sydney have contracted coronavirus without leaving the country.

Federal Government chief medical officer Brendan Murphy has said the two cases of transmission on Australian soil were "very isolated" and there is no evidence of widespread community transmission.

"If you have come back from South Korea or Italy or Iran, then we would certainly want you to practise some social distancing, not go to mass gatherings," he said.

In that context, shaking hands, is probably best avoided.

"We are not suggesting those practices should be considered by the broader general community."

Yesterday, NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard had recommended that people cease handshaking in Australia.

NSW Chief Medical Officer Dr Kerry Chant said there is no widespread transmission of the virus in NSW.

"We have to remain vigilant but, even if occasional cases are missed, if people practise good hygiene, do common sense things, then the likelihood of transmitting it, even if someone is unaware they had it, is reduced," she said.