Afro-Pasifika showcases indigenous fashion at Auckland's Afrikan Market

A South Auckland-based modelling agency showcased the creativity of both Pacific and African culture at a fashion show in central Auckland.

PMN News reports over a thousand people crowded into Freyberg Place to see the Afropasifika show, ​curated by EBM Models director Ernestina Bonsu Maro, who is of Rarotongan and Ghanaian heritage.

“It’s about celebrating our cultures, nationalities, our hair, facial features, our different vibes, colours. We just like to pop it out”, she says.

“For them to showcase Pacific wear at an African event - that’s what it’s all about - as we’re all indigenous.”

​Rosemary May runs Masafinya’s, an African clothing brand and she had her latest collection alongside Tav Pacific at the show. 

“This is amazing because this is showing diversity and we’re all uniting together. We’re all vibrant and colorful and that's for all our cultures.” 

She says there are many similarities between fashion design from Africa and Pacific countries. 

“We all got the flowers, bright colors and beads - it’s nice to showcase the two different cultures together”. 


EBM Models and Zanzibari designer/owner Asya Mohamed Abeid. ​Photo/Supplied