SPC updates Pacific nutrition guidelines

The Pacific Community (SPC) has revised the Pacific nutrition guidelines issued to all Ministry of Health sectors in the region.

This was also a chance for SPC to emphasise the guidelines to attendees on the UN assembly's declaration that 2016 to 2025's is the decade for nutrition action.

NCD advisor for the public health division (of SPC) Karen Fukofuka said the guidelines were drawn up in 2000 and the revision of the principles only started last year.

Ms Fukofuka said it was important that the messages were current and consistent for the Ministry of Health and other non-health partners to distribute to the community.

"There's so much misinformation and it's also a lot of potential for misinterpretation of information, so having the guidelines will ensure that the key messages that we want to promote to our people are consistent and clear."



Photo caption: SPC hosted a three-day workshop last week to present the updated guidelines on a healthy diet and lifestyle.