Tips to settle relationship conflicts

Violence is not desirable in any relationship, says Clyde Willis - chairman of Lifeline Counselling and Care service in Port Moresby.

But sadly though, it is observed that violence exist in many relationships.

When trying to understand this, Willis explains that we come from different cultures with different mind sets so there will always be a difference in our understanding and opinions.

And when confronted with conflict, Willis advices on stepping back and letting the dust settle first.

“You both want to be correct but sometimes it is important to take a step and allow the situation cool off,” he says.

Here are a few tips:

  • Try not to create a screaming session ( don’t let it go beyond talking loudly)
  • Cool off and have an amicable discussion later. There is a right moment for everything.
  • If one partner is under the influence of alcohol, wait until he or she is sober.
  • Have a councillor (not a close family member or friend) pull apart the topic of conflict and advice, based on solid ground.

“Nobody wants to end relationships and throw away their partners. Fix and maintain relationships, make it sweeter and grow it into something beautiful,” Willis adds.

“Keep any squabble to debate that is mutually beneficial to you both. Defusing the situation gives a better chance of reconciliation.”

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Gloria Bauai