Aaron Smith sex scandal: New Zealand Rugby launches new investigation

New Zealand Rugby has announced an "independent lawyer" will be investigating the Aaron Smith sex scandal, after a series of leaked Facebook messages were released on Wednesday night.

The messages appear to show Smith had convinced the woman he was caught in an airport toilet with last year to lie in a legal document, had mislead his coach, and had attempted to deceive his partner.

On Thursday, New Zealand Rugby confirmed to Newshub based on the new information, it's planning to "investigate the Aaron Smith matter further".

"It is effectively an employment issue that requires investigation," the spokesperson said.

The All Blacks star allegedly had sex with the woman, who leaked the Facebook messages, in a disabled toilet at Christchurch Airport in September 2016.

He claimed it was a one-off incident and apologised for his "huge error in judgement" - but she says she was having an affair with him for two years.


Photo. Newshub video