Fijian Drua slashes ticket prices for fans

The Fijian Drua is reducing ticket prices for its second home game next month against the Melbourne Rebels in Suva, Fiji.

FBC Sports reports Drua chief executive Mark Evans said the historic win last weekend in Lautoka should encourage even more fans to come out and support the team.

“It locks the market when you do that you say yes it’s out it’s all sold out and that encourages people to buy more. Not so much in Fiji people didn’t get past sold out. I don’t think they read the rest of the sentence and we genuinely get loads of people saying oh no no it’s sold out, no it’s not, just that little stand over there, so we’re not gonna do that anymore.”

The Drua has made 11,000 tickets available for FJD$45 and under across three categories.

Prices start from $20 for the grass embankment on the seawall side end of the stadium.

The larger grass embankment on the Laucala Bay Road side of the stadium is priced at FJD$35 for adults and FJD$20 for children Under-14.

The concrete embankment will be available at FJD$45.

There are three categories in the grandstand, Silver which on both ends is now FJD$100, Gold category which is around the 22m mark of the ground is FJD$120 and tickets for the Platinum section will cost FJD$180.

The Drua is chasing its first home win in Suva and is calling on fans to turn up in numbers to cheer on the players.