Hurricanes unveil name for women’s team

The Hurricanes have unveiled the new name of their inaugural women's team -- Hurricanes Poua.

By drawing from already existing pūrākau (Māori narratives), the team's identity and connection to both the Hurricanes region and their people (past and present), happened naturally.

The name Poua derives from the pūrākau of Ranginui (sky father) and Papatūānuku (earthmother).

In this story, Huru-tea-a-rangi, female atua of winds, played a pivotal role in assisting Tāne (the progenitor of humankind) to bring light into the world, by gifting him four of her children in the form of pou (pillars) known as ngā hau e whā (the four winds). Tāne then positioned these four pou in the four corners of the sky allowing light to emerge.

As a verb, Poua means to establish, to position, to elevate and lift high, to plant firmly, to appoint and/or to anoint.

As a noun, Poua means pillar, upright, support, goalpost, sustenance and support, stalwart, mentor.

"The narrative of Poua is appropriate for our Club on many levels," said Hurricanes Cultural Advisor and Mindset Coach, Luke Rowe.