Concerns raised about state of Savai’i health facilities

Lack of doctors, old hospital beds and poor sanitation at Savai’i’s health facilities were some of the issues raised in the last sitting of Parliament.

Member of Parliament for Gagaemaquga No. 2, Seuamuli Fasi Toma spoke of worrying health issues which remain an experience at health facilities in Savai’i.

In the Vaipouli Hospital, the issue is the lack of doctors – according to Seuamuli, the doctor only comes once a week hence, he urged for a doctor to permanently remain at Vaipouli hospital to assure the health of the people on the big island.

At Safotu Hospital, hospital beds are old and weak.

There is only one wheelchair which is shared by many patients.

According to Seuamuli, the restrooms are in a poor state.

The location of the dialysis building at the Tuasivi Hospital is another concern according to Seuamuli.

“It faces right opposite the morgue. If I were to wait there for an appointment, I’d be (thinking about) the next place I’ll be visiting just because I’m facing the morgue,” he said.

For the hospital building itself in Tuasivi, walls have cracked and are unsafe.

The morgue at Tuasivi Hospital is located near the sea and Seuamuli questioned where the waste water from the morgue is going whether in a septic or into the sea.


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Talaia Mika