Lawyers' body concerned about Samoa impasse

The New Zealand Law Society is concerned about the deepening political crisis in Samoa.

It says recent attacks on the nation's judiciary are unacceptable, while current legal and constitutional issues can only be solved through rule of law.

Despite FAST party holding a one seat majority in parliament, the caretaker government of the HRPP is still refusing to concede.

Law Society president Tiana Epati says judges shouldn't be undermined for exercising their independent and impartial judgment.

"I think where ever you've got public criticism of the judiciary, and decisoins made by the highest court in a country, which don't appear to have moved things forward, so unlocked a situation, there's always a concern that the rule of law is not being respected," she said.

Epati said organisations like the New Zealand Law Society must speak out whenever there are concerns the rule of law isn't being respected.

She said Aotearoa has a long and close legal relationship with Samoa, with many of its lawyers having been educated here and sharing a similar legal heritage.