Nurse reunites with her family after 42 days of separation

A registered nurse at Samoa’s Tupua Tamasese Meaole Hospital has returned to her family after being separated from them for 42 days during the Covid outbreak.

Tiara Tuulua, a mother of two was working extra hours and camping at the hospital since 20 March 2022.

In a Facebook post Tuula said, “Every journey comes to an end.”

“On the 18th of March 2022 a community outbreak of COVID in Samoa. From then, it was my last time seeing my family.

“Today mark 42 days (6 weeks) since I have been away from my kids and family so I decided to visit my family especially my dearest children they have been waiting for 42 days.”

Camping was a free choice for all nurses and Tuula prioritized the safety of her family especially her children.

Other registered nurses also done the same and a majority have returned to their families.

During the camp and lockdown, the Samoa Nurses Association organised monetary gifts for all the nurses who worked throughout the pandemic.

Tuula and other nurses who camped during the outbreak and lockdown said it was challenging to stay away from their families but fortunately, everything turned out well.

“Now I laugh and say to myself, I won this battle because of Jesus. Time to go home but maternity, I will be back,” Tuula said.



Photo supplied  Caption: Registered nurse Tiara Tuula reunites with her children 




Talaia Mika