Over 100 Samoan seasonal workers depart for New Zealand before lockdown

More than 100 seasonal workers left Samoa for New Zealand before the 48-hour nationwide lockdown began on Saturday.

The Ministry of Commerce Industry and Labour released a notice informing the public of the details of the workers departure.

The workers were advised to be at the airport at 9am to prepare for the charter flight on Saturday.

The Samoa Airport Authority also issued a public notice highlighting that the airport was off limits on Saturday, 22 January 2022.

The notice added; “This follows the Government's state of emergency (S.O.E.) restrictions.”

All travelling passengers for the departing Air New Zealand flight were required to produce valid travelling documents at the Toll Gate before granting entrance into the airport.

Families were advised to bid their farewells at their respective homes. 

The 48-hour lockdown ends at 6pm today.