Over 200 Samoan seasonal workers evicted from New Zealand

Over 200 Samoan undesirable seasonal workers who violated their employment contracts overseas have been sent home.

New Zealand’s Minister of Commerce, Industry and Labor Leatinu’u Wayne So’oalo announced the move in Parliament. 

So’oalo said the group included single women and married women who gave birth while deployed overseas.

Others include husbands and wives tying the knot abroad while their legitimate other halves are in Samoa.

Despite the social woes, the RSE Success stories for Samoan families are publicly documented with families reaping the fruits of hard labour with the seasonal workers wages financing new vehicles, building new homes, start a small business etc.

On average, both the New Zealand and Australia Seasonal Workers initiatives inject well over $30 million tala a year in remittances and in kind into the Samoan economy.