Samoa activates National Emergency Operation Centre for measles outbreak

A National Emergency Operation Centre has been activated in response to the State of Emergency for the measles epidemic declared in Samoa.

The NEOC has been set up as required by the National Disaster Management Plan (NDMP) under the National Disaster and Emergency Act 2007.

The Government said the NEOC will be responsible for planning, operations, logistics, community welfare and public information management safety and legal section.

Before the Proclamation of Emergency, the Ministry of Health (MOH) activated its Emergency Operation Centre at Motootua on 11 November 2019 to coordinate efforts on mitigating the spread of the Measles Outbreak.

With the issuance of the Proclamation of Emergency the NEOC is the national coordination and national response with strong collaboration and advice from MOH on all other efforts for the duration of the Emergency Period.


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