Samoa journalism body clarifies deregistration claim by Loabay

Samoa’s national media body, the Journalism Association of Western Samoa (JAWS) has clarified misinformation alleged by the Loabay Global News Media.

Loabay claimed that JAWS is de-registered and defunct.

“JAWS is a Statutory Body and is not defunct. Further to claims by Loabay Global News that the Journalist Association of Samoa (JAWS) is “de-registered and defunct,” we clarify as follows,” JAWS responded.

“JAWS is the National Media Association of Samoa. It is a Statutory body established by Parliament under the Media Council Act 2015.

“Some of its core functions and responsibilities under the Act are to develop, apply and enforce a Code of Practice that applies to all members of the media operating in Samoa, promote professional journalism & public awareness, ensure a balance concept of media freedom and responsibility, Dissemination of information, and discipline its members, to name a few.”

JAWS was established as a private organization in the mid-1970’s, and was previously registered under the Incorporated Society & Ordinance Act 1952 with the Ministry of Commerce Industry & Labour (MCIL), until it was established by an Act of Parliament through the Media Council Act 2015.

JAWS therefore, need not be registered under MCIL as it reports directly to Parliament.

JAWS represents its members and provides administrative support to the Media Council.

Loabay is a financial member of JAWS and have been warned and discipline several times. We are of the view that as a registered member of the organisation, they should have been aware of proper processes and conduct research before publishing this information.

“We also like to take this opportunity to remind our members of their role as watchdogs and to remain neutral in their reporting by following the media Code of Practice/ Code of Ethics,” JAWS said.


Photo supplied  Caption: JAWS President Lagi Keresoma 


Talaia Mika