Samoa NEOC announces booster dose

The National Emergency Operations Centre has announced a booster dose for people who completed two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

The vaccination will be carried out from January to March.

Health Chief, Leausa Take Naseri said the booster dose is limited to people who completed the first two jabs of Covid-19 vaccine.

“If you’re thinking of doing a booster dose when you haven’t completed your first or second dose then I’m sorry booster dose is not for you,” he said at a press conference.

“Our booster dose will commence sometime this term from January to March and if there’s another campaign to be announced then it’s surely for the booster dose but not for the 10 percent that hasn’t received their first two doses.”

In recent vaccination data by the Ministry of Health, 86 percent of the eligible population have completed both doses of Covid-19 while 96 percent have completed the first dose.

According to Agafili Shem Leo, chairman of NEOC, the 10 percent remaining who haven’t done any doses of the vaccine and those who have only taken the first jab can put the whole eligible population at risk.

“We advise those who haven’t administered their doses to get it done because that 10 percent can put everyone who has done their doses at risk if Covid-19 enters Samoa,” he said.

Samoa remains Covid-19 free.

The last reported border case was a Samoan youth who was repatriated from Hawaii last month.

The young man has since been discharged and is back with his family.


Photo file  Caption: A woman receives her jab of the Covid-19 vaccine

Talaia Mika