Samoa nurses bearing the brunt of Covid

The president of the Samoa Nurses Association said more than 100 nurses have tested positive for Covid-19, with more than half of them having recovered and returned to work.

Samoa Observer reported Solialofi Papali'I saying "there is no question that nurses have been part of the pandemic from the start, as they put their lives on the line to help protect the people of Samoa."

She added there have been cases reported from Savai'i but the majority of the infections are from Upolu.

Papali'i said testing booths for hospital staff should be set up at hospital gates so they can be tested before and after work.

She admitted she had experienced first hand what it is like to be infected with the coronavirus and she said it is not a very pleasant experience.

"The pain is almost unbearable, my vision was blurry, my ears hurt all the time and my body was just in a lot of pain," she said.

Papalii added that she had all the symptoms of COVID-19 including loss of appetite, but she was forced by her children to eat and drink water.

She warned that the real problem is children below 5 years old who cannot be vaccinated.

"We are telling mothers to breastfeed the babies so that they can be protected from the virus, " she said.