Samoa police leadership sued

RNZ reports a Samoan man is going ahead with plans to sue the police establishment over an unlawful arrest at gun point in 2015.

This follows a failed mediation attempt by the Attorney General through a judiciary settlement in court with the plaintiff, Suitupe Misa.

Suitupe is suing the Ministry of Police, the former Minister of Police and the Police Commissioner for half a million US dollars for general damages, aggravated and punitive damages.

He said he was unlawfully arrested at gun point at Fugalei market in October 2015 without any criminal charges.

In a report, the Ombudsman Maiava Iulai Toma found the police raid was unlawful.

The Ombudsman had also raised concerns on the use of arms in broad day light in a public place.

The case is scheduled to be heard in November.


Photo: RNZI/Sally Round Samoan police headquarters in Apia