Samoa Police made a total of 86 arrests during the festive season operation

The force confirmed the arrests were mostly in incidents involving alcohol, authorities have confirmed.

Over the Christmas period - from 25 to 31 December last year - a total of 56 arrests were made; across the New Year’s period - from 1 to 4 January this year - another 30 people were taken in by police. 

Police received a total of 768 calls during the festive season operation. 

The total number of ongoing police activities - a figure which includes mobiles patrols, foot patrols, road block and others - was equivalent to another 770 calls, bringing overall individual police operations 1,538. 

One occurred in Upolu on 28 December 2021 and another in Savaii on New Year's Eve. 

The third death was an eight month old baby suspected to have died of electrocution, whose death was reported to police on New Year's Day.