Samoa police seize drugs and weapons

Officers of the Samoa Police Service have made several arrests this week in relation to drugs and illegal weapons.

On Monday morning, Police arrested a 37 year old man of Alafua at Vailoa who was believed to be under the influence of drugs at the time of arrest.

A search of his vehicle revealed that the suspect was in possession of marijuana, utensils, methamphetamine, live ammunitions and a handgun, which is defined as an unlawful weapon.

The total value of methamphetamine seized is estimated at street value of $40,000 tala.

The suspect has been remanded in custody until 9 March 2020 where he will appear in court for mention.

On Tuesday, Police also seized marijuana and an unregistered firearm from a home at Vaitele-uta.

A couple has been arrested in connection to this police response.

A similar incident where two handguns (unlawful weapons) were seized from a search of a home at Sapulu Faleasiu stemming from a police response Wednesday 12 February 2020.

In the last two weeks a number of unlawful weapons have been seized by police.

Samoa Police Service is reminding the public that unlawful weapons are not only unlawful but also dangerous in the hands of the wrong person.


Photo Samoa Police Service