Samoa TTM Hospital Outpatient’s ward returns to normality

The Outpatient’s ward at the Tupua Tamasese Meaole Hospital (T.T.M.H) at Moto’otua is back to operating at its normal routine.

The change in status is the result of fewer cases of measles being presented across the country following an epidemic late last year.

During the measles crisis, the outpatient’s ward was transformed into an isolation room to accommodate measles patients as the number increased.

According to a nurse at the outpatient ward who did not want to be identified, the return to normality in the ward is sweet melody to the ears of the nurses and the people of Samoa.

“The feeling or atmosphere right now inside the hospital is quite refreshing when we were officially informed that this ward will be back to it’s normal duties as the measles patients lessen,
 she said.

“It’s not because we’re tired from the crisis though we are but we’re just glad that we won’t be seeing any more deaths after deaths almost every day and every week.”

The epidemic claimed the lives of 83 people and 5697 people were confirmed to have the highly contagious virus.

A 65-years-old resident of Laulii, Manaia Tuputala who was at the hospital on Monday expressed happy thoughts towards the new look at the old outpatient ward.

“It’s a good sign that the measles is slowly escaping our lands and we pray to God to finally let this year be a peaceful year for our country,” she said.

“I always though it was going to take longer than this due to the increasing number of deaths each days and weeks but I guess God’s love is still on our side.”

The outpatient’s ward on Monday was filled with non-measles patients and though there were sick people, the feeling was more calm as measles wasn’t involved.

Nurses at the ward can now be at ease as the number of measles cases is declining.

Mrs. Tuputala acknowledged the work of the nurses and doctors and all health employees who have fought the measles crisis in the last few months.

“They fought the battle and they should be acknowledged for their hard work,” she said.

  A State of Emergency Order was lifted on 29 December 2019.   

Talaia Mika