Samoan survivors of domestic violence encouraged to tell their story

The Samoa Victim Support group has rolled out a communication and advocacy training programme that brings survivors together.

The 6-month programme was made possible through the collaboration between the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and EU-UN.

MCIT Minister Afamasaga Toeolesulusulu Lepuiai Rico Tupai said there have been enough studies, research and data to establish that there is violence against women and children in Samoa.

“The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology in addition to the work already in place by other Government Ministries, and with the support of the Spotlight Initiative, will utilise and manage resources to address this important area of Communication and Awareness of the impacts of violence against women and children in Samoa.”

The programme aims to train survivors about how to tell their stories through the media, as well as build the capacity of radio broadcasters on domestic violence reporting.

Local consultants, Pacific Global Solutions will be delivering the training. 

The Minister went on to highlight the importance of building the capacity of local broadcasters and all of the Samoa media, to understand the sensitivities of the issues and deliver appropriate messages.

“Radio 2AP will promote anti-violent messages and air the voices of you, our brave warriors, and raise awareness of the issues on a nation-wide level”.

“This all so important training focuses on empowering survivors to confidently advocate for ending violence in Samoa.”

Tupai acknowledged the funding assistance from UNESCO, the support from SVSG and the courage of the survivors from the House of Hope; and Radio 2AP for coordinating the project.