Samoan warning of renal failure if children not vaccinated

A senior Samoan doctor has warned that children who are not vaccinated run the risk of ending up on dialysis with renal failure.

According to Newsline Samoa, the President of the National Kidney Foundation of Samoa gave the warning while speaking of young people already getting dialysis treatment.

Papalii Dr Sam Petaia said a child under the age of 5 years and a 10 year old are among adult patients receiving dialysis and this is causing concern to the medical profession.

He said with the Pacific Games coming up in July, it is crucial that parents ensure children are immunised.

"A large number of people will be congregating in Samoa during the Games and there is a possibility of someone coming with a communicable disease and it is for this reason parents must ensure that their children are vaccinated to protect them," Papalii Dr Sam Petaia said.