State of Emergency orders amended for Samoa boats

Fishing and Trade boats are now not allowed to dock for more than 48 hours at the Matautu Wharf in Samoa.

This law is part of the country’s amended State of Emergency orders as of last week.

The law is applicable to boats that will be offloading fish and restocking of the supplies before leaving Samoa.

As part of the amended SOE orders, the law also states that all boats must also have medical and quarantine requirements compiled.

All boat schedules must be submitted to the Samoa Ports Authority, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Ministry of Police and Prisons Services and the Ministry of Health (MOH).

The law goes on to state that the date of departure from the last port, or the exchange of any crew members whilst at sea, must not be less than 28 days, before arrival at Apia wharf.

Notification of arrival date must be received by the relevant authorities (MAF and SPA) 5 days prior and
there shall be no exchange of crew members whilst as sea.

For trade boats with a maximum of two trade boats are permitted to be docked at Matautu Wharf at one time and must meet safety requirements set by Samoa Ports Authority and other relevant Government entities.
The Ministry of Health is to continue with the approved medical clearance of all involved.