Website aimed at keeping kids safe online translated into Samoan

A website aimed at keeping children safe online can now be read in Samoan too.

Keepitrealonline​ has had millions of views, making parents and caregivers more aware of children's safety when using the internet. 

New Zealand’s Internal Affairs Manager for the Department of Digital Safety Group, Trina Lowry said she was pleased the adverts about bullying, pornography, online grooming and inappropriate content reached so many people. 

“We’ve had over 30 million views of the advert themselves and on the websites.

"What we really want people to do is go the extra mile to get the information. 

"We know parents not only get the message but they are taking that next step to get the information that they need to help keep their kids safe online.”

The website is in Samoan, Te Reo, Simplified Chinese and Hindi, as well as English. 

Lowry says the pornography adverts have helped parents start having discussions on the subject with their children. 

“We are hearing a lot of information and feedback around the pornography ads and how that conversation was really hard to have. 

"And this has provided people with a really good positive way of starting those conversations with their teenagers.”