Wheelchair Boxer fundraising for the right to fight

Samoan wheelchair-bound boxer John Wesley Fiu has been fundraising to support his chances of fighting professionally in the ring.

John’s been training tirelessly and is in the fifth week of a boot camp in Auckland. 

“My first fight is in May and I will be fighting with other people with disabilities in a fight night event. People with disabilities can showcase their skills and abilities,” he says.

“I am looking for a sports wheelchair to do boxing training and also fight in the boxing ring.”

Tagata Pasifika reports the sportsman started boxing in 2015 and has been training at Ryze Fitness Adaptive Studio which specialises in adaptive exercise for people with disabilities and Spinal Cord Injury (SCI).

This year Ryze is hosting an adaptive boxing competition but, in order for John  to participate, he needs a sports wheelchair and support with  funds for training and transportation. 

“My goal is $10,000 which will cover all the costs and give me the opportunity to perform to the best of my ability and achieve my dream.

“Used for competitive boxing (they) are priced around the two thousand mark with Wheelchair accessible vehicles,” John says. 

AJ Pouoa, trainer and founder of Ryze Fitness Adaptive Studio in Avondale, says the fitness studio gives people living with disabilities a place to exercise

“People are tightening their belts really tight. It’s really hard to organise events, and to ask for funding because people are unsure, if these things will go through,” AJ says.

John hopes to inspire other athletes to compete in the ring but also to encourage other disabled athletes to chase their dreams.

“People with disabilities can showcase their skills and abilities even though they have a disability,” he says.

“I have a disability and I can go head to head in the boxing ring. And so can disabled athletes.”

To get John in the ring, head to the link below donations: