Samoa football on global recruitment drive

Football Federation Samoa has already begun a global search to find Samoan-eligible players to help boost their national teams, which are ranked 99th (women) and 194th (men) in the world.

New national coaches Paul Ifill and Matt Calcott are hoping to run training camps for New Zealand-based Samoan players this year while a handful of potential recruits have already been identified in the United States and Europe.

"We've got somebody who's working on that as we speak, literally," Ifill enthused.

"He's been in contact with 70 clubs so far and he's only been working for a couple of weeks so he's brilliant. (We're) basically trying to recruit as well as we can to add to what we've already got on the islands. There's some really good players on the island and we need to sort of help complement that really.

"I don't want to name any names yet but I've been alerted to a couple in the US college system already. Apparently there's already one professional playing in Sweden. It seems like the guy that is working on that - Alistair - has found somebody else that potentially is playing pro as well.

"Obviously these guys have got to want to play for Samoa, that's the first thing...but with the carrot of the World Cup I think it would be a pretty exciting time for somebody who maybe hasn't played international football before."