American Samoa

US reviews microcephaly response in American Samoa

Since Zika was first discovered in the territory at the beginning of the year, the Centers for Disease Control has sent teams to American Samoa to help identify, treat and document cases.

Limited resources hampering American Samoa Zika fight

Since zika was first discovered in the territory at the beginning of the year, the CDC has been sending teams to work with the Department of Health in identifying, treating and documenting cases.

Samoa and American Samoa police to get closer

21 countries that make up the Pacific Transnational Crime Network have been trying to get American Samoa as a member, and according to Fuiavailili American Samoa has finally come on board.

The Samoa police commissioner said illegal substances were entering Samoa from American Samoa and vice versa. He said the unit would mean improved communication between the two island groups.

Last Friday night, a passenger on the Lady Naomi trip from Pago Pago to Apia was taken into custody after he was found with drug paraphernalia.


Cook Islands take top spot

Cook Islands position has been helped in part by rivals Tonga and Samoa playing out a 1-1 draw to claim just one of the three available points in their encounter.

Following their opener on Monday Cook Islands coach Richard Anderson spoke of his team’s need to show their best selves on the pitch and he says today’s first half was reminiscent of that nervy first match.

“I certainly wasn’t elated with the first half,” he says.

Polynesian Airlines Online Booking System

One way fares Fagalii FGI to Pago Pago PPG cost WST$245 for adults, WST$195 for children and WST$45 for infants.

OW fares PPG/FGI are USD$85 adults and children and USD$22.50 for infants.

The airline also has some specials return deals available for a limited time for WST$395 FGI/PPG/FGI and USD$160 PPG/FGI/PPG.

All airfares include taxes, surcharges and Fagalii Airport's AFC fee.              

More pregnant women in American Samoa with Zika

According to RNZI, the latest report from Department of Health epidemiologist Scott Anesi shows there are now 654 suspectedcases and 23 confirmed cases of Zika.

The worst hit area is the Ituau district with 16 percent of the population suspected to have the virus.

Teams from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are working with the Department of Health in response, prevention and the distribution of Zika kits to pregnant mothers.


AG says Samoa’s Minister of Justice arrest warrant still valid

However, he told Samoa News the AG’s office does not play a role in the execution of the arrest warrant. The warrant in Ainu’u’s name is on allegations that he was paid by a client for court representation however the accused failed to appear in court.

The arrest warrant in question, was issued by the Attorney General’s office back in 2008 when Fepulea’i Arthur Ripley was AG. Last month Ainu’u was sworn in to Samoa’s Parliament as a cabinet member and is the new Minister for the Ministry of Justice and Courts Administration. 

Mysterious mass fish deaths in American Samoa

RNZI reports thousands of dead baby rabbit fish have been found on the beaches and in shallow waters at the villages.

The Chief Fisheries biologist Domingo Ochavillo says they cannot ascertain the cause of the fish death and are sending samples of the dead fish off island for analysis.

Over 400 suspected Zika cases in American Samoa

Since the outbreak first surfaced late last year, 91 blood samples have been sent off island to test for mosquito-borne viruses including Zika, Dengue Fever, and Chikungunya -- which have similar symptoms.

According to RNZI, of the samples sent off island, 14 cases have been confirmed as Zika, including in six pregnant women.

Hillary Clinton wins caucuses in American Samoa

The South Pacific island chain held its caucus Tuesday.

Clinton won 73 percent of 223 votes cast to earn four of the six delegates at stake. Bernie Sanders picked up two delegates.

American Samoa is one of five U.S. territories that cast votes in primaries and caucuses to decide the Democratic presidential nominee, even though those residents aren’t eligible to vote in the November general election.

The island chain has a population of 54,000