Fire claims life of an Infant

Police Spokesperson Su’a Le Mamea Tiumalu says the loss of the infants life was an untimely event, and one that could have been avoided. However, he says no foul play was involved in the incident.

“Early Tuesday morning the infant was asleep when his 11 year old brother lit a mosquito coil. Unfortunately, he also left the box of matches in the same bowl the mosquito coil was in and somehow the matches caught fire and spread across the house,” he said.

The one year old was alone in the house when the fire started.

Fire breaks out in Chan Mow Wholesales in Samoa

The fire broke out around 3.30pm (local time) and fire fighters and emergency service personnel battled for almost two hours to try and contain it.

Police Commissioner Egon Keil told Loop Samoa that it is too early to call what caused the fire.

Battersea industrial estate hit by major fire

Trains have been delayed because of the fire in London's Battersea, just metres away from Clapham Junction station.

Fire crews were called at about 21:00 BST to Parkfield Industrial Estate, where flames were leaping above the rooftops alongside the railway line.

Southern Trains warned of delays on trains across the whole of its network, with services running at reduced speed.


Ninety emergency calls

Samoa govt looks at ways to help Savalalo operators

Around 300 small business operators who operated at the Savalalo Market are believed to be seeking help after the fire on Saturday destroyed their businesses.

Police investigating Samoan market fire, witness suspects gas bottle

The blaze started around 6pm on Saturday night, at the Savalalo market near the centre of Apia.

Our correspondent, Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia, says a portable gas stove is suspected to have caused the blaze.

He says he spoke to an eyewitness, one of the market's security guards, who saw smoke rising from one of the stalls.

Helicopter pilot dies fighting New Caledonia fire

Last night a rescue operation was underway to recover the victim who was helping to douse the flames of a fire at Voh in the north of the territory.

Homes were evacuated and the main highway was cut on Sunday when fire engulfed bush in the area.

About 200 hectares of vegetation was burnt and about 20 homes threatened.

Three helicopters were brought in to help fight the fire which also involved security personnel who led convoys of motorists to safety.

American Samoa battles scrub fires

An out of control rubbish fire is believed to have been the cause of a fire in Fagaalu on Friday, while firefighters have been kept busy with other scrub fires in the territory.

The Public Safety Commissioner, Save Leiato, is asking the public not to burn rubbish because of dry grounds and stronger-than-usual winds.

He says low water pressure in some parts of American Samoa could also hamper firefighting efforts.

Fire at Saudi oil company residential complex kills 7

The early morning blaze happened in a residential compound known as Radium in the eastern city of Khobar. It is used by the state oil giant Saudi Aramco, which oversees petroleum production in the OPEC powerhouse.

The company said an investigation has begun into the cause of the fire.