Facebook, Google, Twitter accused of enabling ISIS

The suit claims that the three companies allowed ISIS access to its social networks for spreading terrorist propaganda, raising money and luring recruits. (The gunman who killed 49 people at the Orlando nightclub in June had repeatedly referenced ISIS.)

Microsoft says Russian Hackers using unpatched Windows bug disclosed by Google

While Adobe rushed an emergency patch for its Flash Player software on October 26, Microsoft had yet to release a fix.

Microsoft criticized Google's move, saying that the public disclosure of the vulnerability — which is being exploited in the wild — before the company had time to prepare a fix, puts Windows users at "potential risk."

Microsoft attacks Google's Windows hack alert

Google published details of the yet-to-be-fixed bug on Monday after giving Microsoft a week to react.

Google said the issue was "particularly serious because we know it is being actively exploited".

But Microsoft said the alert could do more harm than good at this point because it needs more time to develop a patch.

Mobile and Youtube boost Google parent Alphabet profits

Revenue in the third quarter rose to $22.5bn (£18.5bn), from $18.7bn a year earlier.

Net income for the quarter was $5bn, up from $4bn a year ago.

Alphabet, along with Facebook, dominates the fast-growing mobile advertising market.

Google's total ad revenue rose 18.1% to $19.82bn in the third quarter, accounting for more of its revenues.

"We had a great third quarter," Alphabet chief financial officer Ruth Porat said in the earnings release.

Angela Merkel wants Facebook and Google's secrets revealed

The German chancellor said the secrecy around the algorithms used by online platforms threatened open debate.

Without greater scrutiny, many people could get a distorted or censored view of events, she said.

Google and Facebook told German paper Der Spiegel they gave the public a lot of information about how they worked.

Mrs Merkel's call for action follows work by German politicians to investigate how the software works.


'Informed citizens'

Thailand presses Google over online royal insults

Prajin Juntong said he had met Google representatives to complain about material found using the search engine and on YouTube, a Google subsidiary.

Google said it was following its existing policies on content removal.

Thais, which have the some of strictest lese majeste laws in the world, are mourning King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Mr Juntong said more than 100 pieces of content insulting to the monarchy have been found on Google services since he died on 13 October.

Google and Amazon are in a race to $1,000

Shares of both Amazon and Google parent Alphabet are now trading above $800 a share. Amazon is slightly higher than Alphabet -- but not by that much.

Both stocks are near their all-time highs. However, Amazon (AMZNTech30) seems to have more momentum than Alphabet.

What is HSTS? How does it protect you on the internet?

But there are many minds who want to take advantage of the internet users for their own good. They indulge themselves in activities aimed at compromising the security of the users and breach their privacy. This can be done by imitating popular websites or injecting code in an HTTP website and luring users to visit them.


Facebook and Google are building a huge undersea cable to China

Both companies are blocked in mainland China. But they're plowing money into an 8,000-mile ultrafast link between Los Angeles and Hong Kong, a special Chinese territory where their services can be viewed and that serves as a key network hub for Asia.

Google brings its moonshots back to earth

One year ago this week, Google (GOOGLTech30) officially formed a new holding companycalled Alphabet to organize its many ambitious projects. Its venture capital arms, life sciences division, moonshot lab and Google itself each became independent entities with their own CEOs, operating under the Alphabet umbrella.