Singapore jails teen blogger Amos Yee for anti-religion posts

Amos Yee, 17, will spend six weeks in jail for deliberately posting videos and comments critical of Christianity and Islam.

Judge Ong Hian Sun told the court that Yee's actions could "generate social unrest".

It is the teenager's second prison sentence in two years.

Yee was jailed for four weeks in 2015 for criticising Christians, and was accused of insulting Lee Kuan Yew after he posted a video online in which he likened the late Singaporean leader to Jesus Christ.

Singapore pair 'tried to buy iPhones at airport without flying'

But two Singaporeans allegedly thought they had found a new way of queue jumping, and saving some money, by buying plane tickets so they could pick up the iPhone 7 at Changi Airport.

They were arrested on 16 September for breaking airport laws.

Police said they had "no intention" of leaving Singapore so should not have been in the departure hall.

The two have been charged under the Protected Areas and Protected Places Act. They face a fine of up to 1,000 Singapore dollars ($735; £565) and a jail term of up to two years if convicted.

Zika virus: Singapore confirms 41 locally transmitted cases

Most of those infected were foreign construction workers, and all lived or worked within the same region of the country, said the health ministry.

None were known to have travelled to Zika-affected areas recently. Thirty-four people have fully recovered but seven are still in hospital.

Zika generally has mild effects but has been linked to severe birth defects.

Self-driving taxi trial kicks off in Singapore

 But the real deal always seemed to be still years in the future.

Now, here in Singapore, you can in fact hop into a driverless taxi and go for a ride. And it's even free.

But hold your horses, it's still only a trial. It does, though, take things a wee bit further than what we've seen from the big car makersGoogle or ride-hailing giant Uber.

Direct flights to the South Pacific now taking off from Changi on Fiji Airways

The Straits Times reports a total of 100 Singaporeans boarded the inaugural flight to Fiji at 10pm, while 170 Fijians had arrived here earlier in the morning. The flight from Changi had been delayed by 11 hours due to typhoon and flood warnings in Fiji. Nonetheless, passengers were unfazed.

“Fiji is a great location for holiday makers, and I'm looking forward to a week of relaxing on the beach and enjoying the sun,” said sales manager Dyana Chua, who boarded the inaugural flight with a friend.

7 firms, 133 people named suspects in Indonesia forest fires

National Police spokesman Col. Suharsono said 27 more companies and 85 individuals are still under investigation by police task forces in six provinces in Sumatra and Kalimantan on the Indonesian part of Borneo.

President Joko Widodo has ordered law enforcement agencies to take "stern actions" include revoking their forest concessions and blacklisting those responsible for the fires.