Actor sues TikTok for using her voice in viral tool

An actor is suing TikTok for using her voice in its text-to-speech function.

It converts writing into speech, which can then be played over videos uploaded to the app, often for comedic effect.

Bev Standing recorded about 10,000 sentences of audio for the state-backed Chinese Institute of Acoustics research body to use in translations, in 2018.

The legal action claims her voice can now be heard in viral videos featuring “foul and offensive language”, causing her reputation “irreparable harm”.

Standing, from Ontario, Canada, told BBC News no permission had been given for these recordings to be used in any other applications or resold.

“My voice is my product - it's my business," she said.

"You can’t just use it and not reimburse me for what I do.

“If you want to use someone's voice, pay for it."

Standing, who does not use TikTok, felt "violated", after several videos were sent to her by friends, family and colleagues.

“When I realised you could get me to say anything you want... that's when I kind of got upset,” she said, describing the content as “totally against brand.”

“I'm certainly hoping it doesn't affect my business in a negative way.

"Clients may stop hiring me because they recognise that voice."