Google’s new ‘Fake News Fighting Tool’ launches globally

Soon, you would start a “fact check by” message on the news stories you see on Google.

Google is rolling out their new feature called Fact Check.

Fact Check is designed similar to the fake news fighting tool recently announced by Facebook. Google owns one of the biggest news consumption platforms in the world, and the company says the fact checks are “presented so people can make more informed judgments.”

Fast Check was first materialized last year in October when Google announced they’d be testing it in selected countries. With the global launch, News featured on Google News and Google Search everywhere would carry a Fact Check label.

“This label identifies articles that include information fact checked by news publishers and fact-checking organizations,” reads a blog post co-authored by Jigsaw product manager Justin Kosslyn and Google researcher Cong Yu.

The fact check snippet displayed with the content would provide details about the person who has claimed the story and the name of the fact-checking organization.

Google says the fact check won’t be available for all the stories, obviously. A particular story might be fact-check by multiple organizations, and their conclusions could be different.

Google will take the help of algorithms to enroll publishers which are an authentic source of information. The publishers using the fact check feature would have to deploy ClaimReview markup on the web pages where they fact-check public statements. Alternatively, the Share the Facts widget co-developed by Jigsaw and the Duke University Reports Lab can also be used.