Hillary Clinton victorious, Bernie Sanders vanquished

A new poll out this week has Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton in the head-to-head race for the presidency, and you can bet his bank full of dollars that he was taking notice.

One Twitter user made this point — "it's only Fox so it's of no great concern" — and yes the poll was taken by Fox News, and the 45 to 42 lead is well within the margin of error so it's really a statistical tie.

However, this is a 10-point swing in Donald Trump's favour since the last Fox poll four weeks ago.

The other thing worth noting is that a second poll,this one from the polling company Rasmussen, also has Trump up by five points over Hillary.

Both of these results are too close for any real clarity and poll averages still have Hillary up by 3.3 per cent.

It's also possible that becoming the presumptive nominee has given The Donald a bounce while Hillary is still being held back by the persistent Bernie Sanders.

But if nothing else they show that the race for the White House will not be a doddle.

This is not a drill people!

Oh, and by the way, while this week's political debate revolved almost entirely around Trump's unpopularity with women, both of these polls show that Hillary has the men offside.

This is from Rasmussen Reports:

"While there is much talk of a gender gap in this race, Clinton appears to have a bigger problem with men than Trump does with women.

"Trump leads by 22 points among men, compared to Clinton's 11-point advantage among women."



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