SVSG children treated to Moana movie premiere

More than 80 children who are survivors of child abuse were treated to a special screening of the Disney movie Moana in Apia last night.

The children are in the care of Samoa Victim Support Group, a non-government organisation that is dedicated to providing support and care for victims of domestic violence and sexual crimes.

The movie night was hosted by Digicel.

"It’s important that these kids get to experience what it’s like to be a kid, to be happy and come out and enjoy life for once," said Digicel Samoa chairman Pepe Christian Fruen.

"This isn’t so much about Digicel. It’s all about the kids, we don’t care how much we spend because seeing these young children smile is all worth it," said Pepe.

"Abuse has always been such a common thing in Samoa and as you can see it doesn’t isolate in just the low income or struggling families. Some of these kids are from well-developed and rich families too," he added.

Pepe emphasized the gratitude Digicel and himself feel for the work done by SVSG, calling it a very crucial part in moving forward and giving kids a better shot at a future.

"This is actually the third time we have done this. It’s an annual thing and this year I’m glad to be in Samoa for it and taking part in this wonderful occasion," he said.

Pepe applauded Lina Chang and the Samoa Victim Support Group for taking on the issue by raising awareness and ensuring the children are living in a safe place and a place they call home. He says that while it’s only SVSG involved for now, the doors are always open to any assistance needed.


Joshua Lafoai