Moana movie

SVSG children treated to Moana movie premiere

The children are in the care of Samoa Victim Support Group, a non-government organisation that is dedicated to providing support and care for victims of domestic violence and sexual crimes.

The movie night was hosted by Digicel.

"It’s important that these kids get to experience what it’s like to be a kid, to be happy and come out and enjoy life for once," said Digicel Samoa chairman Pepe Christian Fruen.

"This isn’t so much about Digicel. It’s all about the kids, we don’t care how much we spend because seeing these young children smile is all worth it," said Pepe.

Disney can't get enough of Te Vaka

Te Vaka was founded by Samoan-born Opetaia Foa'i, who is Tokelauan-Tuvaluan and was raised in New Zealand.

NiuFM reports Julie Foa'i, band manager and Opetaia's wife, says the Moana soundtrack is loaded with Te Vaka.

"There's a lot of tracks written by Opetaia in there, and when you hear the movie you will hear a lot of his input into the soundtrack and into the songs. Put it this way - the movie opens with Te Vaka," says Foa'i. 

Disney apologises for Maui costume

The costume is based on a character in Disney's upcoming animated film Moana, which follows a young navigator's journey across the South Pacific.

In the film, Maui is depicted as being large, barrel chested and tattooed.

A child's costume, featuring "padded arms and legs", had been on sale on Disney's website.

Auckland writer Leah Damm said earlier that, even with the best intentions, it wasn't right to wear someone else's skin.