Trump to make 'closing argument,' lay out plan for first 100 days

Donald Trump will lay out his plans for the first 100 days of his presidency in a speech Saturday that the Republican nominee's senior campaign aides are billing as his "closing argument" in the presidential race.

Trump is set to offer up the key principles and policies driving his presidential campaign in a speech Saturday morning in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

The location is forever etched in American lore given that it was the battlefield where President Abraham Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address, though Trump will not speak at precisely the same spot.

Trump, speaking on Fox News Friday night, and his campaign aides declined to offer any substantive details of what he will address in the speech.

"I really want to do it tomorrow. I can only say we're going to make America great again," Trump told Sean Hannity, adding only that he will draw a contrast with his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

"Tomorrow, I think, is going to be a special day at a special place."

Trump's campaign aides said on a briefing call with reporters later Friday night that Trump will lay out the 10 key principles driving his candidacy and offer up new policy details, though they declined to offer any examples.

One senior Trump campaign aide said Trump will deliver his speech at Gettysburg to draw attention to the role Lincoln played in uniting the country at a time when the country was divided.

Trump is also expected to draw attention to how he also plans to grow the Republican Party, the aide said.