Pregnant Meghan Markle's response when a woman calls her a 'fat lady' is pure gold

A rather pregnant Meghan Markle had the perfect response to a woman who called her a "fat lady" during a royal engagement.

The Duchess of Sussex, cradling her baby bump as she is wont to do, visited one of her four new patronages, an animal welfare organisation called Mayhew earlier this week.

While being introduced to a group of volunteers and beneficiaries, Meghan met a woman whose name is Peggy McEachrom, according to People magazine.

In an adorably awkward moment captured on video, McEachrom paid the former Suitsstar several compliments, including one particularly unexpected one.

"Lovely lady, you are! May the good lord always bless you...And you're a fat lady!" McEachrom, who hails from Jamaica, appears to say in the clip.

As the room fills with uneasy laughter, Meghan replies "I'll take it!" at which point it's fair to assume the entire room breathed a large sigh of relief.

Some social media commentators have remarked that the term "fat" is used in a positive sense in Jamaican culture with relation to pregnancy.

"This is how Jamaicans talk. This is a Jamaican lady. It meant that Meghan is very pregnant. She meant no harm," one Twitter user wrote.

The 37-year-old mum-to-be recently let slip that she was six months pregnant while speaking to a crowd in northern England - meaning the royal baby would be due sometime in April.