Fiji plans to scrap Years 1 to 3 exams

Fiji has revealed plans to scrap exams from Years 1 to 3.

 Minister of Education, Premila Kumar said there is no need to test the knowledge of students as they are too young and there needs to be space to allow the students to learn and grow.

The Minister also said they will review all subjects for these students with a view to remove some.

“And focus only on numeracy, literacy, civic and moral education. We want to focus on things like gardening, sports, vernacular, that’s all want to focus so that we are able to teach other things through civic and moral education.”

Kumar also highlighted that the Ministry of Education will carry out a review of the sector to truly reflect how education should be run and they’ve started work with development partners to come up with a proposal for funding.

Teachers, school management committees, parents, and students will be engaged in drawing up the plan.