Fiji plans to scrap Years 1 to 3 exams

 Minister of Education, Premila Kumar said there is no need to test the knowledge of students as they are too young and there needs to be space to allow the students to learn and grow.

The Minister also said they will review all subjects for these students with a view to remove some.

“And focus only on numeracy, literacy, civic and moral education. We want to focus on things like gardening, sports, vernacular, that’s all want to focus so that we are able to teach other things through civic and moral education.”

India teenager forced to cover legs with curtain at exam centre

Jublee Tamuli had travelled 70km (43 miles) from her home for the exam in Assam's Tezpur town with her father, reports in the local press said.

Her father rushed to a market to buy a pair of trousers, but she said she took the curtain since the test was timed.

She later described it as the "most humiliating experience of my life".

"Is it a crime to wear shorts?" she asked reporters outside the exam centre. "All the girls wear shorts. And if they didn't want us to wear shorts, they should have mentioned it in the exam documents."

Samoan students penalised in exam for reading banned stories

The Samoa Observer has revealed that last year hundreds of Year 12 students were taught from four banned texts.

A report into the results of last year's Year 12 English exam revealed the banned stories include Guilty Rain, Examination Day, and Wasteland.

Of 41 schools that held the exam, 12 had taught from the texts.

The report noted that schools needed to be aware that students are penalised for using banned short stories, and to stop teaching them, the Observer said.