Over $500,000 tala worth of drugs seized at Samoa’s Matautu Wharf

Authorities in Samoa have intercepted methamphetamine and marijuana worth over half a million tala in a joint raid this on Tuesday.

The drug bust has been described as historical as over 2000grams of marijuana and more than 500grams of methamphetamine imported in two separate shipments from the United States were seized   

A statement said the marijuana were concealed inside seven laundry powder packs and a can of Stax whilst the methamphetamine was concealed inside a box of cereal.

The more than fourteen hour operation took place at the Customs Headquarters at Matautu-tai.

An official hand-over of custody of the illicit drugs intercepted took place at the Customs Office between the CEO/Comptroller of the MCR and Police Commissioner of the MPP, yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon.

MCR and MPP confirm that the investigation into this historical drug bust will continue as well as the joint efforts to combat illicit narcotics.

The MPP now continues further investigation and legal work on these illicit goods and a joint legal case will be filed as soon as investigation and evidence are finalized.

As both Ministries’ investigations are ongoing, specific details on names of shipping company, shipping agent and importer(s) are withheld at the moment.

The Public is again reminded that as we head into the Festive Season, that despite SOE restrictions, the work for border security and and community safety is ongoing, and this sort of offending will not be tolerated. Both Ministries will continue to work collaboratively for the security of Samoa and its communities.


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