Samoa NEOC Chair assures enough COVID-19 vaccines for everyone

Samoa’s Government has secured enough COVID-19 vaccines for the country to complete the Mass Vaccination Programme.

Agafili Tomaimanō Shem Leo, and Chairman of the National Emergency Operation Center, (NEOC) assured the country via a Facebook Live Stream on the Government of Samoa’s platform at the weekend, according to a Savali newspaper report.

“There is no need to panic or rush, rest assured we have enough vaccine injections for everyone,” added Agafili.

“Systems in place will also ensure that you can receive the vaccines from any of the teams to be dispatched to the public if your missed it due to unforeseen situations.”

Chief Executive of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peseta Noumea Simi is the Committee Chairman leading the negotiations with Samoa’s development partners and international communities complemented but UNICEF and WHO to secure the vaccines.

And the negotiations for vaccines for all are successful, according to latest report submitted Saturday to the Disaster Advisory Committee.

The New Zealand Government has offered to provide the vaccines to complete the nationwide programme for both doses.

And development partners which include the Governments of Australia, Japan and China complemented by the United Nations have also pledged continued assistance.

Samoa is one of 92 countries worldwide including Pacific Forum countries receiving vaccines from the COVAX Facility.

Since the programme started last Sunday, health teams have been stationed since Monday in the Vaimauga Area and will be there until Friday this week.

Schedules and locations have been released via Public Notices and Advertisements by NEOC.

Mindful that the mass vaccination is not mandatory but on a voluntary basis, NEOC Chairman Agafili is reminding the public to make the right choice and to consult their conscious but most importantly pray for divine guidance to make the right decision.



Photo file  Caption: Agafili Tomaimanō Shem Leo Chairman of Samoa's National Emergency Operation Center, (NEOC)