At least 20,000 killed after Monday's earthquakes

Turkey's disaster and emergency management authority says the death toll in the country is now 17,134.

In Syria, at least 3,162 people are known to have died.


Tahiti Covid-19 cases near 10,000

89 people with Covid-19 symptoms are in hospital, including 25 in intensive care.

39 people have died.

All but 62 cases were detected after the borders were reopened in July and mandatory quarantine requirements were abolished to boost tourism.

The government has reinstated support payments for those suffering loss of income because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Those eligible include people working in hospitality affected by the curfew which was reinstated last month in view of soaring rates of infection.

Fatialofa faces $200 thousand medical bill

Fatialofa is walking again after initial fears he would be confined to a wheel chair for the rest of life after breaking his neck while playing for English club Worcester in January.

The UK Telegraph is reporting there is now debate over who picks up the bill.

He was treated at the Royal Buckinghamshire private hospital for a month costing $75 thousand and then was due to be moved to the Stoke Mandeville public hospital however there was no bed for him there and he had to stay at the private hospital for four months.

Italy death toll tops 30,000, highest in EU

It reported 243 new fatalities on Friday - down from 274 the day before - taking the total to 30,201.

The daily number of confirmed new cases fell slightly to 1,327, bringing the total number of infections to 217,185.

Restrictions have begun to ease around the county, but one doctor described the city of Milan as a time "bomb," according to local media.

Italy has the third highest number of officially recorded coronavirus deaths in the world, after the United States and the UK - which is no longer a member of the EU.

Worldwide coronavirus death toll climbs to 200,000

There are more than 2.8 million confirmed cases of Covid-19, according to the tally.

It comes after the number of fatalities in the US passed 50,000, as Americans endure the world's deadliest outbreak.

Chinese state media reported the first known death linked to the virus on 11 January. More than 210 countries and territories have since reported cases.

Five countries have now reported death tolls above 20,000 although the way fatalities are counted varies widely.

China’s Red Cross Society donation to assist Samoa with measles epidemic

The donation was officially presented to Government Friday afternoon by the Chargé D'Affaires with China’s Embassy in Samoa Li Hongjing to the CEO of the Ministry of Finance, Leasiosio Oscar Thomas Malielegaoi at the NEOC office in Apia.

The assistance will provide medical equipment and supplies urgently needed by Samoa and it will complement the contribution by a team of six Chinese Medical Specialists on the ground working with their Samoan and international colleagues to overcome the crisis.

Samoa government raises income tax threshold to $15,000

The government in its budget for the 2017/18 financial year announced that it is raising the tax free threshold from $12,000 to $15,000.  

Finance Minister Sili Epa Tuioti told Parliament yesterday that it would mean 14,199 workers in formal employment would not be required to pay income tax.

Salary levels between $15,001 and $25,000 will be taxed at 20 percent and over $27,000 at 27 percent.

Minister Sili Epa said businesses that export goods and services (excluding re-exports) get a tax deduction equal to 50 percent of the profits made on those exports.