Bush fire

Syria executes 24 people over deadly forest fires

Those executed on Wednesday were charged with committing "terrorist acts that led to death and damage to state infrastructure, public and private property", the ministry said.

It said 11 others were sentenced to life in prison on the same charges from dozens arrested at the end of last year who confessed to igniting the fires that began in September 2020 and lasted until mid-October of the same year.

Although executions are common in the tightly run country with a powerful security apparatus, it is rare to publicise such a large number of executions on a single day.

Australian bushfires reach Sydney's suburbs

Scores of fires are still burning in New South Wales amid temperatures of 35C (95F) and winds of 80km/h (50mph).

A feared southerly wind change has now occurred but the "catastrophic" day feared has largely been avoided.

No deaths were reported on Tuesday but fire chiefs warned that conditions meant the dangers facing the state were far from over.

About six million people live in New South Wales (NSW) state.

The number of fires still afflicting NSW ranged from 100 to 300 in Australian media reports.

Massive New Caledonia bushfire is extinguished

The fire, on Art Island in the territory's north, has caused power and communications outages in the area, and threatened sensitive bush area.

The territory's civil security department says more than 300 airdrops of water have been made by helicopters, but rain in the past 24-hours has helped to completely extinguish the fire.



Villages in Samoa warned of rubbish dump fire

The dump is very close to the country's main prison.

More than thirty employees from the ministry as well as fire trucks and heavy machines have been working since Monday to put out the fire, but a warning about the threat posed was issued to families living close by on Tuesday night.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment's chief executive Amataga Penaia, says people should be warned, not only for health reasons, but most parts of the country have experienced several bush fires as a result of the dry season.