Cases increase

Samoa reports increase in influenza amongst children

The Director General of the Ministry of Health Aiono Dr. Alec Ekeroma confirmed this in a press conference where he also expressed his concern about the increased number of children affected with type B flu reports Tala Fou.

He said about 3 months ago a total of 1200 children were infected, however he said in comparison to 3 or 4 weeks ago the number has jumped to 250 children reported to the hospital per day.

He further said that in March, 1,915 children were reported to the clinic, but just last week the number has increased to 2,441

New Covid subvariant in New Zealand as cases ramp up

The Ministry of Health announced 9629 Covid-19 cases and 24 deaths, just over 3000 more cases than Monday’s figures.

It also announced new Omicron subvariant BA.2.75 was detected in the community for the first time.

“Both cases had recently travelled from India, where this subvariant has been detected,” the ministry said.