COVID-19 Isolation

England ending isolation laws and mass free testing

The prime minister told MPs the legal duty to isolate for those who tested positive would be dropped as he unveiled his "living with Covid" plan.

From 1 April the provision of free testing would be targeted to the most vulnerable, Boris Johnson said.

But the British Medical Association, a doctors' union, said the plan failed to protect those most at risk from Covid.

And opposition parties said the prime minister's blueprint out of the pandemic had moved too fast, and voiced concern over the scaling back of free testing.

Manu Samoa and Manu Sina players in managed isolation

 This has been confirmed by the Director-General of the Ministry of Health, Leausa Dr. Take Naseri in a press conference on Monday.

Leasua added that all their tests have come back negative so far as they remain under close observation.

The teams returned home after being stranded in Dubai, earlier this month.

The players went to participate in the Olympic qualifiers in Monaco.

They were among 72 people who were denied travel on a repatriation flight to New Zealand.