David Granger

The Latest: Guyana calls Venezuela a 'bully'

President David Granger says Venezuela has "pursued a path of intimidation and aggression" as it presses its claim to an area of jungle and rivers that amounts to about 40 percent of Guyana's territory.

Granger said the claims by the larger and more powerful Venezuela have prevented Guyana from seeking to exploit the area known as the Essequibo for its potential mineral and oil resources.

Guyana says Venezuela deploys troops to disputed border

President David Granger says he has received reports of what he called "extraordinary military deployments" along what Guyana considers its western border. He said Tuesday that defense officials were meeting to discuss a response.

Guyana has asked the U.N. to mediate the border dispute and Granger is expected to raise the issue at the upcoming General Assembly.

Venezuela has long claimed a resource-rich jungle territory known as the Essequibo that comprises about two-thirds of Guyana.